Mafia [mah-fee-uh]

noun – a closed group of people in a particular field, having a controlling influence.

The Velocity Ambassador/ TriClub Program is a group of passionate athletes of all levels and part of one big family. We support and encourage each other with our race reports and blogs and are always in contact via social media. We often meet up at events and race together, hang out, and have fun together. We promote the Velocity Sportswear brand at least twice a month via social media, and for those with Facebook, we stay in constant communication with our members-only TriMafia FB Group Page.

There is no monthly fee for membership, but if your application is accepted we will ask that you provide a one-time administrative fee of $25.00 to help cover costs associated with running this world-wide triathlon Family. In return, you can expect:
• Free TriMafia 2018 t-shirt, featuring Velocity’s signature super soft triblend material and awesome design
• Significant discounts from our current sponsors, including but not limited to, Xterra Wetsuits, ZoggsUSA, Swiftwick, Honey Stinger, Rudy Project and Riplaces, with more to come!
• A 25% discount when purchasing anything in the entire Velocity online store.
• Access to the Tri-Mafia-only section of the Velocity store that provides specifically-designed apparel and accessories for Tri-Mafia members only
• Velocity Store Credit for any time you reach the podium while wearing TriMafia gear.
• Opportunity to apply for TriMafia’s Vendetta Race Team.
• Affiliate Program opportunities where you can earn credit in the Velocity store from purchases made in the Velocity store by your friends and family when you share with them your own coupon code.
• Opportunity to purchase the most kick-ass Tri and Cycling kits out there – just ask someone already in the Family – these kits make a statement wherever you go!
• Part of the Ironman TriClub Program, where we won many awards in 2017.
• And… the best part… Unlimited support and encouragement from your Family members in all aspects of triathlon and life in general.

We are an exclusive and loyal group, but our family is always growing. Do YOU want in? Do you have what it takes to join TriMafia?


Applications for the 2018 Season are now open! We look forward to all of your submissions!


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